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Therapeutic Exercises

Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

High Row

Muscle Group: Upper Back (Rear Deltoids, Rhomboid, Upper Trapezius)

Movement: Keeping elbows parallell to the floor pullin towards the chest while leaning back slightly.


Middle/Low Row

Muscle Group: Middle Back (Rear Deltoids, Lower Rhomboids, Lower Trapezius, Lats)

Movement: Keeping elbows towards the body pulling towards the stomach while leaning back slightly.

External Rotation

Muscle Group: Rotator Cuff Muscles

Movement: Keeping elbow close to the body while externally rotating outward.


Internal Rotation

Muscle Group: Rotator Cuff Muscles

Movement: Keeping elbow close to the body while internally rotating inward.


Pendulum Shoulder Stretch

Muscle Group: Shoulder Girdle

Movement: Passive Movement while holding a small weight rotating clockwise, then counterclockwise.


Rear Deltoids

Muscle Group: Rear Deltoids and Rhomboids, Middle Traps

Movement: With feet our in front bending at the waist, extend arms outward slowly then back down. This can be done sitting on an exercise ball or weight bench.

Cervical Extension

Passive stretch with head off the edge of a table or bed to induce extension of the neck. Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds at a time then progressively hold longer. Refer to doctor on this exercise.

Straight Leg Raise

Active strech using a towel wrapped around the ankle. Pull the leg towards the head strectching out the glute and hamstrings.Muscle Group: Quads and Iliopsoas muscles

Movement: Active stretch releasing the Iliopsoas and Quadricep muscles of the leg. With one leg behind on a bench or chair, do a pelvic tilt forward and hold.


Piriformis Stretch

Active stretch with one leg crossed over the other while sitting. Pull the top leg toward the check stretching the glutes and piriformis.


90°/90° Position

90° att the knee and 90° at the hip lying on the back with a towel roll behind the neck to induce extention. A heating pad or ice pack may be used while laying in this position.

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